College Housing in Downtown Chattanooga


Palmetto Place Apartments receives Certificate of Occupancy TODAY…Fully Occupied TOMORROW!!

Berry Construction hands over the keys to the new construction, Palmetto Place Apartments, tomorrow, August 11th @ 4:00PM with Ribbon Cutting to follow at 910 East 8th St.

The need for college housing in downtown Chattanooga has been met by local investors at Palmetto Place Apartments in time for fall semester 2017. Berry Construction will be hand over the keys the keys on Friday; UTC students will start moving in on Saturday. In fact, Jonathan Connell with Palmetto Place reported that “the apartments will be 100% occupied for the fall semester 2017.”

The project for the facility broke ground late 2016 and definitely came with a fair amount of challenges. Four months of delay turned an expected year-long project into 8 months of actual project time. With 48 rain days after construction began, the deadline for completion seemed like an impossibility.

“The workforce in Chattanooga is extremely overwhelmed,” says Steve Lance, site superintendent for Berry Construction. “Our team of contractors was made up of a very diverse group of individuals from many areas in and outside of Chattanooga. Keeping the project on track with the excessive rain season and high demand on contractors in our city created some hurdles but we are here now and ready to see all the hard work come to light.”

Palmetto Place includes 36 two bedroom apartments which are all fully occupied for the Fall semester of 2017-18 school year. “We had a serious time crunch on our hands with the delay of the project but with some creativity and filling the needs of students searching for a great place to call home, we were able to completely occupy Palmetto Place for the Fall,” says Camille Stone, Property Manager of Palmetto Place. “It’s nice to start out heading the right direction!”

Palmetto Place is a locally, family owned facility. Rip Connell, Jonathan Connell, and Jerry Rutherford began this project because they saw a huge need for secure, convenient, and modern housing for students striving for a successful college experience. Each decision for the property was made with the students’ needs as priority. All the apartments are fully furnished and designed with comfortable, modern amenities.

The owners kept in mind that college students need to relax as well. The Mockingbird Oasis stretches the full length of the building in the basement common area. With plenty of docking stations, sofas around a flat screen TV, snack & beverage station, meeting space and study areas; Palmetto Place is sure to be a housing favorite for many years to come.